The adventures, mishaps, and sometimes even successful tales of this crazy yarn cat.

A long crazy summer leads to prepping for fall

This has been an exhausting summer involving comas, traveling, weddings, funerals, school, and so much more. Needless to say, blogging got put on the back burner for awhile. However, I was not able to stay away from crochet for too long and I got a little addicted to making scarves.
I went with simple “no thinking” patterns or designs so that I didn’t have to do anything but crochet while enjoying a few episodes of SVU whenever I got the chance. I am quite pleased with some of the results! I love them because most of these scarves are warm but light and airy. All took one skein or less and I used larger hooks to create that lighter feeling. (I don’t like heavy scarves because they make me feel like I am being choked or something.)
So here is a collection and a little bit of info on each-

For our trip to Maryland for my sister wedding, I wanted to make my daughter a little shawl for the flight. She picked out this fun yarn.

pink blue shawl, scarf on A

It worked out well for our flight and she loved the fringe. I ended up having a little left over so I decided to make a headband for myself, but it quickly became hers…
blue pink headband on A(I think it looks better on her anyway!) 🙂

Now, for our flight back home she opted to not wear the shawl since my mother gave her a “special blankie” to keep her warm. I tried it on and think I might be borrowing it when the weather gets chilly!
pink blue shawl, scarf on me(We know how I am about bright colors!)

This next scarf/cowl I made with Red Heart yarn I instantly feel in love with after a trip to Michael’s. I only grabbed one skein that day, but I think I will soon be returning for a few more!
blue yellow purple infinity scarf(I used a Q hook and sc)

While I was working on that project a friend of mine stopped by and begged me to teach her how to crochet. So while she worked on her project, I needed to make one of my own. Enter large cowl…
large sage green cowl(My friend loved this one so much, she had to start a “to-do” list immediately and this was the first thing added. Yep, we got her hooked on the first day! And isn’t she beautiful?! I call her “Jasmine”! Ha!)

A few days after that my four-year old daughter got sick. That night, in between trips to the bathroom, she was telling me how much she wanted a “blue teddy bear monster”. So whenever she would doze off that night, I worked in secret to get her monster complete. I finally got it done in the wee hours, just in time for one more trip to the bathroom with her. When she was finished I showed her the completed project. She feel in love and spent a few hours snuggling with him before she informed me that he needed a best friend. I couldn’t help but agree. So here are her new monster pals that she now won’t go to bed without!
monster pals(Forgive the mismatched sheets. We went through the matching ones that night…)

As the summer progressed and things continued to be crazy, I found time to work on one more project. This was made from a ball of yarn my sister gave me out of her stash. (I am so spoiled!) My baby sister and I love to bound over our love to crochet and I was so thankful to get to spend a little bit of time with her earlier this summer! (She blogs about her crochet as well, check out- She makes some pretty cute stuff!) Here is yet one more infinity scarf/cowl I got to make
deep purple and blues infinity scarf(I love the deep purple and blue tones!)

I still have a lot of catching up to do and some posts to respond to, so please be patient with me. 🙂 You will certainly being seeing me more frequently as things slowly begin to calm down. Hope everyone had a great summer!


Ridiculously fun scarf

I found this yarn on clearance for $2 and knew I just *needed* to have it. So I went home and decided to try and whip up a scarf with it. It is slightly ridiculous, but that’s why I love it! Its light, but soft, comfortable, bright and colorful. I can’t wait till wear it next winter! I used some scrap yarn I had from a skein of Craft Smart Yarn in the same colors to chain about 150 (I don’t really remember, but know it was around that). I fastened off and attached the pom-pom yarn (It didn’t have a label on it so I am not entirely sure of the brand or what its color is officially called, I’m sorry!) I used a slip stitch to attach and then skipped 3 pom-poms and slipped into the next stitch. I then continued to do this alternating in a 3-4-5 pattern (meaning  the number of pom-poms in between each slip stitch). Once I completed one side, I just continued along the other side of my foundation chain. Just cut close to a pom-pom and the ends hide themselves. Super simple and easy! I can’t wait to find more yarn like this in other color combos to complete some more. 🙂

fiesta scarf

Barry the Barista. (Inspiration challenge #26- Inspired by your job).

Meet Barry the Barista… the new mascot for my store. I love my company, I love my store, and I love that we get to have fun while we work. I think with all this love, we needed this mascot to show how hip we really are.

Barry the Barista


Matt and Ryan have the type of bromance that is about the equivalent to the female dream-love found in “The Notebook” or “P.S. I Love You”. They have been the best of friends for almost 30 years and when you see them together they play like they did the first day they met. Obviously, two men like this “need” action dolls. It was explained to me that each would possess the doll of the other so that they would be “always together”. Now, normally I would be tempted to roll my eyes and label their attachment to one another as pathetic, unhealthy, or questionable. However, when you see them together it manages to find the youth within you and you can’t help but fall in love with their unique and passionate friendship. You understand exactly why they would want let alone “need” these dolls. So here they are, the Matt and Ryan dolls…


I am eager to see how the boys react to the dolls and what adventures the four will find together. 🙂

Easter Basket

Aurelia and I were looking at Easter baskets and she explained, “I want one!”. I asked, “well, what kind of basket would you like?”. “A bunny one, please!” “What color should your bunny be,” I asked thinking a four-year old would want a fun-colored bunny. How silly of me! She informed me, “Um, Mommy, bunnies are white”. Well, of course! 🙂
A's easter bunny basket front

A's easter bunny basket tail

I just love the large fluffy tail!

Sunset Ring (#7 Inspired by Nature)

As we get ready to start our journey back east, I realized it is the sunsets out here in Arizona that I will miss the most. The pink, purple, and orange tints seem to shine brighter out here than in any other sunsets I have seen before. It has been my favorite part of the day while we have been here. I just can’t get enough of the amazing blend of colors.  So, as the sunset last night and I looked at my yarn bag I decided to make a ring in these beautiful colors. Using embroidery thread it was quick and easy to whip up. I just love the colors together!

crochet circle ring-sunset

The 30 Project Crochet Inspiration Challenge: Intro and List

I can’t tell you how many times I have sat there staring at my yarn and hooks, desperately wanting to make something but not having a clue as to what exactly it is that I want to make. So I have decided to come up with a 30 project challenge for those moments. I will post the list and the projects as I complete them, along with a description for each. Feel free to join me and share any new inspiration ideas or any projects you make inspired by this list.

The 30 Project Crochet Inspiration Challenge: Use this list to inspire a project-
(Use the colors, shapes, memories, or whatever else comes to mind as you think of each topic.)

1- Inspired by your favorite holiday.
2- Inspired by the 80’s.
3- Inspired by your favorite color.
4- Inspired by an animal.
5- Inspired by your favorite movie.
6- Inspired by music.
7- Inspired by nature.
8- Inspired by a popular website.
9- Inspired by your closest relative.
10- Inspired by a place you want to visit.
11- Inspired by your favorite class or subject in school.
12- Inspired by your favorite outfit.
13- Inspired by Granny Squares.

14- Inspired by your favorite childhood toy.
15- Inspired by your favorite book.
16- Inspired by the person who taught you how to crochet.
17- Inspired by the town/city you live in.
18- Inspired by Dr. Suess.
19- Inspired by your favorite vacation spot.
20- Inspired by an upcoming special event. (A birthday, a wedding, a reunion, etc).
21- Inspired by a favorite sport. (One you follow, play, want to learn to play, wish you could play, etc).
22- Inspired by your best friend.
23-Inspired by a sitcom.
24- Inspired by a favorite project you have created in the past.
25- Inspired by your favorite season.
26- Inspired by your job.
27- Inspired by a popular or favorite board game.
28- Inspired by a favorite gift you have received.
29- Inspired by children.
30- Inspired by another craft or hobby you enjoy or want to start doing.

Should be interesting to see how this goes. 🙂 (This could easily be used for other crafts as well- knitting, smashbooks, scrapbooking, jewelry making, weaving, painting, photography, etc.)